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Записи с темой: (с)воё (список заголовков)

i've got soul but i'm not a soldier
Если с вами ведут откровенные разговоры или оказывают физеологические знаки внимания, не обольщайтесь - возможно, вы просто не стоите большего (с)

@темы: (с)воё


из свежего и вкусного

i've got soul but i'm not a soldier

Eighteen years and eighteen nights
We were rolling on the carpet,
With the lashes and the knives,
With the sinner and the puppet.

He was loving me to death,
She was stealing you to hollow.
Now in yesterday they rest,
And we begin new round tomorrow.

You do me wrong, I do you right,
Every time I'm in your bedroom,
Lying naked by your side,
Wondering, if you are my groom.

Drive out a demon from your mind,
If you want me to surrender.
Cold morning light will help to find
The hidden wick of evening candle

Search me why I took your hand,
Ain't I'm running from my terrors?
In my shoes are full of sand,
To the page that showes an error.

Are you a sinner from my past,
Came to bring me knives and lashes?
Am I a puppet in this quest,
Satisfying my possesions?

Whether it will lead to love,
Or to neverending sorrow,
I prefer to do it now
To see you one more time tomorrow.



Jerry in the neighborhood
Took my heart, knocked of wood,
And said he'll soon be back.

And when the truck took all the stuff,
I thought it might be his great love
In that big pack.

And when the night swallowed the light,
I came to the street, I shivered and cried
"Where are you, Jerry?
Are you in my mind?.."

Jerry from the neighborhood
Showed me he was not that good,
'Cause I waited hundred years.

And when he returned to our place,
I haven't seen the former grace
Through my disillusion tears.

The day of the race has shown me your face,
I won't weep for you, when you are replaced.
Sorry, my Jerry,
I see your daze.

And when the night swallowed the light,
I came to the street, I shivered and cried
"Can't believe, Jerry,
You were on my mind..."

@темы: (с)воё

out here the good girls die